falling down


  1. she looks great! i especially love the center photo.
    thanks for your comment =)

  2. She is soooo beautiful. And a great actress too.

    Unfortunately, french is a tricky language for me as well. Sometimes I understand, sometimes I don't. And very very often, I have to ask again to make sure I've understood the question (which is not even necessary. the worst thing is that I answer to something that no-one's asked...). Today I talked for a while and asked the person if he understood and he told me "not much"... But I mean. In the end, I manage to make myself understood and I also manage to understand. It just takes a while.

    Gramatically I don't really care that much for the moment. I know I make mistakes and "le" and "la" are probably wrong very often. But I compare it with saying an instead of a in english and I don't find it very very important. And the endings of the verbs are probably wrong even more often.... It's sooo difficult!

    I don't really notice any progress but my boyfriend and his dad and his dad's "girlfriend" (who's french) say they do notice it. So I just hope they're right. ;)


  3. tank you so much!

    Wow, Scarlette is so beautiful.